There are few things more incredible than waking up with peace that can only be described as the peace of God. It’s something that, until I see God face to face, I can only wish to obtain daily. My sinful nature, though redeemed in grace, is still at times a restless, anxious bastard. Still. It makes mornings like this all the more meaningful, all the more infinite. 

I mean that’s what is is. Infinite. The understanding that the peace I’m feeling this morning is coming from the extension of God’s desire and passion to be with me, to have a relationship with me. It’s the same feeling, driving through the vastness of the Appalachians at night, under the stars, to the soundtrack of Bon Iver or witnessing the sun dip below the lake at sunset. The cognitive awareness that what I’m witnessing or what I’m feeling had to have been made, and the sole creator of it all wants to be with me, his creation. The one who created it all, died for it all, and came back to life, desires for his creation to rest in the peace and be a part of that relationship. Eternity starts at the acceptance of that. It’s not something we’re waiting for, but it’s something we can experience now. And it welcomes the infinite. It is infinite.

Sep 18
God’s anger is not the dark side of his character. It’s the hope of everyone. No anger with sin would mean no cross of salvation.
Paul Tripp  (via godmoves)

Oct 20
Who can say they are the master of their own life? Who can look up at the stars and believe they reign supreme?

Sep 25

A Year of shows.


The leaves are changing again. One season has died, leading into the birth of another. I think fall is my favorite. The cooler temperatures give relief from the scorching summer, the colors are vibrant and new, and the local coffee shop makes daaaang good cider. This season holds some of my favorite memories and it holds some of my worst. Looking back it’s hard to believe that this fall marks one year since Carielle’s first show; September 28 at Cornerstone University. 

To all who have supported us from the beginning,
and the middle,
and those who continue to join the Carielle community today: 

Thank you. You have made this year unforgettable for us.

In celebration of our show-versary, I’ve collected a few memories and gratitudes from the past year. Thank you for being apart of Carielle, we hope you’ll continue the journey with us.

- Jon

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Jun 06
Horton the Hipster.

Horton the Hipster.

Jan 03

New Year’s in Indiana!

Seeing the “Snow Goose” pull up trailer in hitch was exactly how I had dreamed it and more. The night before we left for Crown Point, Indiana, I was picked up by the guys and we headed over to Cody’s house to pack everything and spend time with each other. It was a night well spent full of Brian Regan stand up, Kung Pow, and inside jokes. We woke early the next morning to the smell of Cody Laughlin, one of our dear friends and roadies, making French press. After indulging in a cup and a frantic search for the car keys we departed from Zeeland, MI for Indiana. Our host for the night, Luke Johnson, lived just across the Illinois border. We drove through rain and cloudy skies until finally we spotted Luke’s humble abode.

L to R: Erik Rice, Andy Perschbacher, Josh Stowie, Jonathan Mackey, Cody Laughlin

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Jun 27

Jun 23

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: Years 1-5

This part will be more in the form of a list, since my descriptions are obviously vauge going this far back.

To be honest…the earliest memory I have is getting my diaper changed. yea..this is suddenly awkward. Moving On!

-When I was 3 or 4 I would get dropped off two hours early at the Cherry Lane Preschool next to my house because my dad had to go to work. The teacher would turn on the big screen tv and we would pull up in giant bean bags and watch The Land Before Time. Those were the days….

-The night the Chicago Bulls won the 1998 NBA finals I watched the game with my dad. With my face crushed up against the tv, I watched Michael Jordan and friends celebrate.

-Circus at the Delta Plex, what I remember from it is giant balloons, riding animals, and old men with strange hats. I think they were veterans.

- My first neighborhood friend’s name was Jason. He was a preacher’s kid that lived next door. We became friends one day when we spotted each other outside, and started throwing rocks at each other. Yea, we had a strong friendship.

- Kindergarten: I talked a bit more than the average five year old. It was enough that I found myself in time out a lot. Talking while Ms. Schipper was teaching or during quitetime brought me close to my old friend, the time out chair. My dad was a custodian at mapplewood elementary, so he usually knew the second I got in trouble.Eventually it escalated to the point that I got sent to the principal’s office; I had to spend recess on the blue bench: the equivilant of a dunce cap. I cried the entire time. My sister walked past and tried to comfort me, didn’t help one bit. I didn’t get into much trouble that year after that.

- A kid I was decent friends with died about four months into the school year. I don’t remember his name, but we played with the wooden blocks all the time, and then one day he crossed the street in mexico or something and bam. car.

- I lost a lot of cool things in kindergarten due to my talking obsession. One of those things was a bugs life watch my friend zach had given me. I had it out during story time, and Ms. Schipper ripped it from my hands, tearing my soul apart. Never saw it again. Sad. Day. :/

-During these first few years of my life my parents were seperated. My brother, sister, and I had court mandated visitation. Home was a two room duplex on 18th street and then we would visit my mother on weekends ans some holidays up in Grand Rapids at my grand parents two story home. Throughout this period my dad continued to do everything he could to bring her home, but my grandparent’s were not always the nicest people…

-The Church my family and I attended was Faith Christian Center. It was here I met some of the most important people in my life today. Carter “dood” Lezman, Micah Conrad, Andre Laskowski, Jon Melton, Fabian, and Zach. I still keep in touch with them to this day, some more close than others but I still consider them as close as family.


This is a work in progress…so more to come from this chapter of my life.

Jun 23

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Okay so currently I’m reading A million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller for freshman Terra Firma for Cornerstone University. The first sentence of the very first chapter raised a very true fact,

"The saddest thing about life is you don’t remember half of it. You don’t even remember half of it. Not even a tiny percentage, if you want to know the truth."

Miller went on to talk about his friend who kept his memories on record, writing everything down that seemed important to him. So with that thought in mind, i decided to do just that: Starting at birth, catching up to the present, and continuing from there on. It’ll take awhile but it should be interesting. And random. Probably a bit odd. But kinda cool.

So ya, we’ll see how this goes…


Jun 23

Acoustic Louder Silence - Carielle